Fibromyalgia Warrior Bracelet

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Fibromyalgia Warrior Bracelet

We have heard your request for a Magnet Clasp and now we have put it together for you!  The newest Fibromyalgia Charm Bracelet is here and we must continue to educate others about our invisible illness so they can better understand our daily struggles.  Remember you are not alone. Many suffer from this terrible disease everyday. Let's get together and bring awareness to the masses!  Get your handmade bracelet today and one for a friend or family member!  


Our goal, here at That Certain Gift, is to provide you with beautiful jewelry that you can use as a platform to share your story. Who better to spread awareness about this disease than you! You and your loved ones can impact and educate the world with your experiences. Our beautiful jewelry will catch someone's eye and open the door for your story to be heard. Keep the memory of your loved ones alive so they are not forgotten! We make in-kind donations and send donation bracelets for raffles, and events. Check out our Donation page on our website and contact us for your donation today.



Item Type: Bracelet
Clasp Type: *NEW* Magnet w/ double-safety-chain
Bead Material: Rhinestone

Chain Type: Snake Chain
*Fits Wrist That Measure*: 6-1/2" to 7-1/2"
Shipping Time: Standard Shipping of 3-4 days
Packaging: Black Velvet Gift Bag

(International Shipping Time: 2 Weeks)